Ryan Cortez - Ansbach Germany

Thanks a lot. Everyone loves it out here. I use it everyday 

Emeline King - Parkersburg, WV

I sprinkled it to my lunch at work everyday! It is a nice bold blend of hot pepper that delights my taste buds. I have to say I am a hot pepper freak since infancy. And I have finally found the hottest hot pepper medley for me!

Jamie Croll

 Love this pepper melody! Great smoked flavor. I put this on most of my meals.

Nancy Montoya - New Orleans, LA

 Any time I want to spice something up this is my go-to flavor.  Especially good for Asian broths, pasta diablo and for that extra kick.  True stories: used it last night. We’re going to give a bottle to our favorite crawfish boiler… 

Robert Burge - Moorestown, PA

I am type of person that loves to spice up every meal! Have a wide variety in my fridge and spice rake. Always one problem its either hot and no flavor or flavor with little heat. A friend turned me on to Hillbilly Gunpowder by the Hot Pepper freaks! It has solved that problem! Has incredible heat with exceptional flavor. It has become my go to for spicing up any meal. Love it so much have bought bottle to give to friends as gifts and they have all been hooked. Thanks so much ! 

Laurie Klump - Nazareth, PA

The first bottle we got was soo hot! we loved it. The second bottle was more brown less orange not spicy enough. The batch we have now is super spicy like the first one and it's amazing.

John Cox - Mobile, AL

Love the heat! My sister lives near you and has been sending me your HGP. I'm on my third shaker and am addicted. Great stuff, thanks for making it. 

Joe Esposito

About two years ago my daughter and son in law were at the Wind Gap Diner, and they purchased a jar of your hot pepper medley for me.  I finished it and my daughter gave me another jar that she had. Finding your site sure made my day.  When I first tried your pepper blend, I thought they are ok but I really wasn't impressed. I kept using them and started to really like them more and more. Now, they are my favorite, but I pretty much stopped using the bottle, since I didn't want to use it all up! So, I'm a fan and I can't wait to get more.