About Us


Hot Pepper Freaks grow our hot peppers at Filchners Plants and Produce right outside of Bath, Pa. We grow a variety of Hot Peppers: Scorpions, Reapers, Ghosts, Jalapenos, Habeneros, Cherry and Banana Peppers. They are picked at their prime and dehydrated within 24-48 hours. They are then ground and smoked into  delightfully hot blend. Every step is hand processed including the bottling and labeling.

Our hot pepper blend and peppers on display at a festival

Hillbilly Gunpowder is strictly hot peppers, no salt, no stems, no fillers at all . If you like HOT, you're  gonna love this! 

Hillbilly Blonde is a a mix of Hot and Bell Peppers ( we have been asked to tone it down ). This is for our customers who like heat in moderation


We are local to the Lehigh Valley  and we also ship to anywhere in the world.